3 Tips to help you write Words that Work for your Business

When you signed up to become a business owner, you likely realised there’d be a lot of hats to wear.


You probably didn't realise you’d have to become a full-time copywriter too!

Writing words about your business is hard.

Writing words that work and appeal to your ideal customer is even harder.

Here’s 3 top tips to help you write words that work for your business:

1. Pinpoint exactly who you are speaking to

As with any company selling any product or service, it’s important to define who you are trying to reach.

This will allow you to tailor your words to speak right to your ideal customer (and will make your words more effective!)

Once you know who you are speaking to, it will make it much easier to write your posts and listings, and your words will resonate with your ideal client!

2. Use the words your customers use

When your ideal customer is reading the words you use about your business (your emails, social posts, or website…) — it’s important that you use words and phrases that connect with them.

Use the exact words your customers use. This allows you to tap into the exact pain point and feelings that your future customers currently have — and will have them thinking “how did they know exactly what I’m thinking?”

3. Write like you speak

This is a big one. So often when we type, it’s easy to slip into robot mode, and use words that look correct on paper, but sound extremely robotic in person.

If I read this line aloud to you right now you would be inclined to think I am a strange creature, using such technical words and long sentences.

But this line? It’s easier to read. I’m using words I’d use if we were talking in person right now. Yep. Even slang is acceptable. It makes you more real. (Can you tell I’m Aussie?)

Tip: Read your content out loud before hitting publish. If it sounds awkward when you say it out loud, it will be awkward for your audience to digest.

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