Here’s what a 4-year-old can teach you about McDonalds’ marketing

A friend of mine once asked his grandkids WHY they love McDonald's so much.⁠

Was it:
🍔The food?
🍟The fries?

Nope. ⁠

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Their answer? “It’s fun”!⁠ 🙌

This is the perfect example of how *experiences sell*. 💸

McDonald's have effectively targeted their smallest customers — children — with the promise of a fun experience.

Think about it: Playgrounds, Party Rooms, a Free Toy in the Happy Meal Box — McDonald's restaurants are designed around creating ‘fun’ for children.

We’re in an Experience Economy. Your customers are hungry for (and happy to pay for) experiences.

This is why Airbnb & Uber became so popular, so quickly. It’s something different, it’s an experience. ⁠

How this applies to your business

In today’s economy, you need to provide an experience for your customers.

An experience they’ll remember.

An experience they’ll come back for.

An experience they’ll their friends about.

For example: If you’re an Airbnb host, and guests come to your property, what do you think they’ll tell their family when they get home from their weekend away? They’ll tell them about the experience. They’ll mention the special/different things about staying at your Airbnb — the coffee tokens you provided for a local cafe, or the activity card you created to introduce them to the area.

👉 Takeaway: what experience can you create for your customers that will get them talking about your business? Share in the comments below!✨

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